The thing with any addict is that they will lie incessantly to cover up what they are doing. So no matter how many times he tells me he is not using again, I simply do not believe him. His pupils are dilated, he still has that weird crazy look on his face, exaggerated walck, lots of energy, and of course he’s back to questioning my every move.

So as we have chatted this evening to see if we can come to any kind of resolution on saving our relationship, I told him the first step for me would be for him to take a drug test. So he goes to the store and comes back with said drug test.

He walks into the room with a box opened and starts opening and internal package. So I start looking at the box and see that it is a 4-panel test. I hold my hand out for him to hand me what he has just opened. 

It is the test cap.

However, this test cap only has one test area instead of 4 as shown on the box. So I asked him why this one only has one. He says “I don’t know, just the way it is.” He then grabs the instructions and starts to reading. Upon closer look of the cap, I see the single test is for THC.

I asked him if he thought you and switched the tests out. Of course his answer is no. So I asked him if he still has the receipt because if it were me, I would want my money back if they gave me the wrong test.

He says he will return it and come back this evening with an actual 4-panel test. I guess we will see what sort of trickery is up his sleeve next.

He is so on edge about this. He just called me and wants to know what it is I’m going to do to improve myself. He says he feels like everything is one-sided and we’re only focusing on him so I need to come up with things to improve myself, things to become a better person such as controlling my anger and fixing my bad attitude. We are to discuss my plan when he comes back in this evening. 

Deflection anyone?


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