Great, he sleeps peacefully even though I’ve sent him a link to this blog. That’s right, my completely Anonymous blog is now absolutely open to him.

“Why did you do it?” Some might ask.

Honestly, it was in a moment of anger & hurt. I sent him the link to this blog because I am so hurt, upset, and devastated buy the lies that he tells people about me and our relationship. I just wanted him to see that regardless of what he is fabricated in his mind, that I am not the devil or the devil sister. I am actually the person who has tried her best stand beside him.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of response since I have sent the link, I am certain that he has not been curious enough to even see what I had to say. Hell, why should he be? He has the woman he claims to not have any feelings for sharing a bedroom with him while he sleeps on the floor,the woman who is believing everything he is telling her, regardless of how big the LIE is.

She called me a b**** tonight simply because I called him to confront him on why he lied about how often he was seeing her. Apparently, she didn’t see there was a problem in him lying to me about it week end and week out of our relationship.

So maybe he’s finally getting what he actually wants. Perhaps they are able to comfort each other tonight. If that is the case, I’m certain it is a dream come true for him. Why else would you allow another person to call the woman you supposedly love a b**** for no apparent reason.

Yeah, I’m aware that I’m Just a Fool. I foolishly believed in a man who I thought was so much more than he actually is. I saw in this man someone great. I thought this man who had suffered as much if not more than I had a way more pure Spirit than you actually has.

It turns out that I should be way more cynical in my life. Men are probably not ever who they claim to be. They may tell you they love you. You may feel they will love and protect you forever. It’s all just a lie.

I thought I was a better judge of character than I actually am. I would have bet millions of dollars that I do not have that this man I agreed to marry was a good man. We work together. I have told my company that he is a good man. I have defended him Against All Odds. But for what?

I have subcontractors who refused to look me in the eyes anymore due to the lies he is told them. However, I still try to maintain a certain level of professionalism as well as Humanity and not discussing the main issues here. I actually don’t discuss any of the issues.

He is effectively trying to do everything you can to ruin my relationship and my reputation and my industry. The unfortunate fact is that I have done absolutely nothing wrong to deserve this kind of bullying. On the same token, anyone who knows much about me at all and knows that I don’t date just a date, I’m a very difficult person to get in touch with on a personal level, when I do let you win you should treasure that.

While I feel I am definitely a full and all of this, I’m not the only fool. He is such a fool to let me go. My boss mentioned to me the other day something about my self-worth. He wanted me to remember just how much myself out you was. Sometimes when you’re hurting you can forget that.

The fact is, as much as I may hate my boss sometimes, he made a very valid point. I am worth much more than I have allowed this man to make me feel. I hope to God I can pull myself out of the depression that comes way too easy for me and is compounded by the drama that I have allowed this man to bring into my life.

Well I am just another fully believed in your life, I also know that I tried. I gave my all to you, I gave mall to s. You are the one who has chosen to walk away for reasons that you will not be honest about. I am just a Fool For Loving You. Now, just to clarify… I have not accused him of sleeping with her. I asked him a while back if there’s something going on between the two of them and he told me know. I specifically asked him this morning if he was in love with her. To me, this is a very different question. You can be in love with someone without ever having anything actually going on.So my response to her was:

Apparently just so he can make a fool of me. I have subcontractor so it will not look me in the eye anymore because of the lies that he has told. If those people only knew the truth about him, things to be different. However I like to think that maybe I’m better than that.I may be just a just a fool for loving you but you’re just a fool for not loving me back.


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