He texts me Sunday morning and says “Happy Mother’s Day”. I’m shocked (& a little ticked off) but respond with “Thanks”. Then he sends this:

 So I respond as honestly as possible:

It’s been crickets since. I’ve noticed a particular picture he’d posted of the two of us on Instagram has recently been removed. It was a more intimate type photo (not sexual) where we were cutting up in bed one night and took selfies. He ended up posting it with a caption saying something like “just hanging with my best friend. ”

He did this after a conversation we’d had one evening about how I was okay with him still being friends with his female best friend. However, I also told him during this conversation that I had hoped one day I would become his best friend. That I think that was what a relationship should be.

Of course, he moved in with her a few weeks back. Now the picture has disappeared. So I’ve texted him this morning, asked him point blank if he’s in love with her. 

He called. He sounds like him. He’s calm and sounds like he cares. He tells me he is NOT in love with her, that he is in love with me… Only me. 
He deleted it in one off his fits of anger last weekend. He’s asked if I’ve completely given up. Told him I had not given up  a hundred percent but that I didn’t have much hope. He asked me to not give to completely yet.


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