Throughout life, I have become more and more independent.  I have even managed to convince myself at times that I don’t need anybody (except God, of course).  Now I know that is not true, not matter how much I have wanted it to be at times.  Everyone needs a support system in life.  Everyone needs someone.

This is something I have to come to terms with.  I’d like to claim that I have fully accepted this reality.  The truth is, there are times that I still convince myself that I’m fine without anybody to lean on.  Mostly, I do this when I’m hurt, angry, and/or lonely.

Do you have moments where you feel as though you would be better off wandering this earth all alone?

I felt that way until I fell in love with my fiance.  Suddenly, I decided that perhaps life was better with a partner beside you, someone who you can depend on and who depends on you.  After all, life is a lonely road when you travel it alone.  Why not travel it with someone you love who loves you in return, someone you just mesh well with and have a lot in common with, someone you’d walk into the flames with?

So while he and I have been traveling through the flames lately, at least we’ve been doing it together.  And though I’ve felt alone at times and I’m certain he has too, I think deep down we always know that we are in this thing together.  Neither of us have to travel the road of life by ourselves.  That lonely road is no longer lonely.


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