So things are still a little roller coaster-ish but still mostly manageable.

Randomly, there will be nasty outbusrts of anger.  Loud, abrupt tatements like “it’s too shady for me to be able to see inside this vehicle” leave the kids confused and me hoping that he’s not about to go on a rampage.  I could be wrong but I think he realizes to some degree at times and I think he’s trying to control them.  Fortunately, these angry outbreaks are lasting as long and for the most part, I’m able to ignore the comments which may help to not escalate the situation.

He slept last night and is still sleeping this morning.  I hope he sleeps as long as possible today… I want him to feel better.  I’m glad he’s on the road to recovery and I’m anxious for us to get back to normal.


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