We had lunch together yesterday with some coworkers. When we left, he walked me to my car, we kissed, hugged, and got in our separate vehicles. He was behind me (I was behind a slow poke) all the way until the 2-lane road turned into a 4-lane. I gunned it as soon as the new lane appeared in hopes to get around the pokey-okey in front of me but he gunned it too… as though he was trying to get around me.

When I turned to get on the interstate, I smiled and waved at him but he did not smile. Instead, I got the same old look I’ve grown accustomed to: the look that something was terribly wrong in his mind. So I gave him a shout on the phone to make sure he was okay.

He instantly asks why I was drag racing him or trying to get away from him, saying I must have something to hide. I tried explaining that I was just tired of being behind Driving Miss Daisy and wanted to get around that car. Then he says “Who’s in the car with you?” Now, remember, he walked me to my car at the restaurant and was behind me the entire time until 30 seconds prior when I got onto the interstate. I tell him nobody is in the car with me.

He tells me that he can hear them laughing at him. Then he says he can hear whatever “he” (the phantom guy he hears) is doing to me. Keeping my cool (sometimes I’m really good at this, other times I’m not anywhere close), I tried to reason with him on this, reminding him that he walked me to my car and was behind me the entire time so how could someone be in there with me? He says he doesn’t know but he can hear them and insists I am being shady with him. So I offer to meet him somewhere so he can look for himself.

We then come up with a place to meet. He shows up, says he’s not looking because he knows I’m lying and just trying to make him feel crazy. I roll my windows down and unlock the doors and tell him to please look. So he starts looking, gets out of his truck for a closer look, then opens the doors to look even closer. He then starts trying to see in the back so I opened the trunk area (I drive an SUV) for him to investigate – which he did.

Of course, nobody was there.

Then something amazing happened. He realized what he had just done and that these things didn’t exist. You could see the look of despair in his eyes as this reality came to him and all he could do was say “I’m sorry”.

I told him I loved him and that it was okay. I told him that we would make it through this, that we will be okay. Come hell or high water (or maybe both), we would survive this.


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