So he reached out to me last night and wants to come home to work things out. We are going to look into some couples counseling to hopefully address each of our issues which are affecting our relationship. I’m not sure if he realizes that by full disclosure it means I get to discuss this meth addiction with our counselor. I guess we’ll see.

I’m glad he’s coming home but I’m also a little nervous. I’m just scared that it will be the same old thing again tonight. I don’t know how to handle the meth delusions and/or hallucinations. There is absolutely no way to reason with him about it either, at least not while he’s going through it.

Everything always seems so real to him that his brain is unable to make sense of these things not being real. I can only imagine how difficult that must be for him or other meth users who experience it. I know it’s hell for me so I can only imagine how bad it is for him.

Hopefully him coming home tonight will be a great thing. Hopefully the two of us can work through all of the issues, whether they are meth related or not, and learn to be a family together.


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