Well I wasn’t planning to blog more than once a day. However, I desperately need to get this off my chest.

So I talked to my boss into letting me leave at lunchtime today. This is a good thing, right? Well, one would think it is. However, in the mind of my significant other I must have ulterior motives.

Why is it that this man that was so supportive of me is now always so angry with me? I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. There is no reason for him to not trust me. But every little thing is question or is accused. 

Watermarks on my car? Must be hidden messages that I didn’t erase… looks like letters.  

Tan line in shoulders from previously being outside? Must have skipped work and tanned all day.

Vibrations in the bed that only he can feel? I must be masturbating like the horniest porn star in the world.

Leave work early? Very suspicious behavior, must be up to no good.

Although most days he gets off early, it appears today he’ll be working late which I did not find out until I told him I was leaving early. I was hoping that he could be at home too since he’d gone to the doctor earlier. Now he’s telling me to let him know if he needs to check in before he comes home, as though I have something to hide from him. Says that me asking if he was home was just checking to see if they coast was clear.  

Really?!? I can’t POSSIBLY just want to spend time with my fiance outside doing something we both LOVE!!! So much anger in him but I don’t know why it’s pointed at me.  Which is causing so much anger in me.  I want to do is working my f****** garden!!!


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